July Favorites

Happy, Happy, Happy August everyone! Since it's the first day of August I wanted to show some things I have been loving the past month of July. These are items I found myself using more than usual and I've grown an attachment to them.

      •  I've been in love with this palette because of the neutrals and the intensity of the pigment. Gorgeous colours!
      • I talked about the Daisy scent before here and since I am so in love with it I needed a mini one for on the go to carry around in my bag. 

      • I have been using clear nail polish a lot this past month because it gives my nails a glossy finished look as well as gives it some protection.Which allows my nails to grow out more. 
      • My go-to mascara would have to be the Younique fiber mascara. I talk about them with more detail here and I am so glad I got my hands on them because they are life changing.
      • I drink a lot of water normally although the month of July I drank a lot more and to add a little more flavor I put a couple drops of the Vitamin Water Zero Drop.