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My love for PARTYNEXTDOOR started the summer of 2013 when I heard the song Right Now randomly playing then I "shazam-ed" it. After I played that song constantly for a whole week I looked the artist up and found his SoundCloud page and also discovered he has some tracks with Drake. By now you should all know I have an obsession with Drake, which meant my interest in PARTYNEXTDOOR increased tremendously. 

I would describe his music as soft electronic R&B/HipHop (if there is such a thing... well if there isn't I just made it up) and it is quite similar to The Weeknd's kind of music. I love the whole album from beginning to end and the tracks flow into one another very beautifully. The lyrics are a bit explicit and vivid although I think that is one of the many qualities that make this album raw and appealing. Anyways give PARTYNEXTDOOR a listen and prepare to get in a musical high. 


^^My Favorite Song From The Album^^