Fall Trend: Sweaters Over Dresses/Skirts

I've been looking at coverage of New York Fashion Week and London Fashion Week mainly because it has been all over my newsfeed from every single social media I am on. Don't get me wrong I love it! I'm just upset cause I want to be there not here in college taking my midterm exams. 

Anyways staying on topic, I have been noticing a huge trend on the runway as well as the street style from bloggers, fashion goers and so forth that an oversized sweater over a dress or a skirt is the way to go among the fashion community. I am extremely pleased with this up and coming trend because one does not have to break the bank account to buy the "latest trends" because all you have to do is use what you already have. I believe everyone as a dress and a sweater so all you have to do is put the two together and voilĂ ! You got yourself a complete outfit!