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Stromae is a Belgian singer-songwriter. Most if not all of his songs are in french and now you are probably thinking, "how the heck will I like his music if I can't even understand it?" And I am here to tell you it doesn't matter! I first heard of Stromae from my french class because my professor always plays french music before the lecture starts and normally I ignore it (which makes me sound terrible). Although one faithful morning I actually paid attention to the youtube video playing Papataoutai
by Stromae and *BAM* I instantly fell in love with the song.

I would describe Stromae's kind of music as electronic hip-hop/r'n'b. All his songs have amazing instrumentals that are captivating and one cannot help but tap their feet or nod their head. If you are anything like me and it is very difficult for you to stay still, you will dance uncontrollably to his music. Besides being very upbeat his songs have amazing lyrics, I know.... I know... you are thinking, "But its in French!" I know the lyrics are amazing because I take french and I can understand some of the words and out of curiosity I translated the lyrics online and the song Papataoutai is about the emotional absence of a father in someone's life and in the music video it takes a comedic and meaningful approach in portraying that.

I feel Stromae is a very talented artist and everyone should hear his music at least once.

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