My Unexpected Style Icons: The Huxtables

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I grew up watching reruns of The Cosby Show and this past weekend I watched a couple clips online and while I was watching I realized that even though this show took place in the 80's/90's I love the style and most of the clothing can be worn today (the beauty of fashion). Without even knowing the Huxtable women inspired the way I dress today, especially Denise. I admire the bold prints and colours of the 80's and the Huxtable women knew how to pull it off. I love The Cosby Show with a passion because it shows a loving family that look out for one another. This show also changed the way African American families were viewed in the 80's as well as showed them in an intellectual and loving manner. The Huxtables also remind me oddly of my own family. Clair and Cliff could be replicas of my parents.

Some Funny Moments