Honey... It's Cold Outside

Honey It's Cold Outside

Images via Polyvore

"Cold" does not begin to describe what is going on outside. Well I did except this although that doesn't stop me from missing the warmth and clear skies of Lagos. Christmas break was way too short in my opinion but now its back to reality. This outfit is actually quite similar to what I am wearing today although replace some things like that lovely 3.1 Phillip Lim bag with a dusty old and very heavy backpack. 

Ughhh whoever said university is where you make some of your best memories obviously did not take the right courses or even attend class because so far it has been work, work and oh guess what? More work! Well enough of my rambling. I am literally two days into the spring semester and I am already stressing out. Anyways how are you guys doing? Started school? work? I hope we all make it through this week and get some well deserved rest. I know I need it. haha