Cities I Want To Visit (Part 1)

Paris, France
From the macaroons to simple strolls along street corners, I want to do it all. Every stereotypical parisian activity I must do. If one day I am lucky enough to take a trip to La Ville Lumière, I will take full advantage of it. During the Age of Enlightenment, Paris was one of the leading cites of change and knowledge. I want to be able to use my three semesters-worth of french and indulge myself in Paris' history, arts, food and culture. 

San Francisco, California - USA
I have been to Los Angeles and while I was there I heard some great things about San Francisco so I thought to myself... why not check it out? Maybe one day I will. 

Rome, Italy 
Rome. Another city that just falls under, "if you get the chance. Go!" Adventure comes to mind when I think of Rome. The wanderlust of forbidding romance and youthful nights. If I go I would love to take a group of friends and see where the adventure takes us.

Guayaquil, Ecuador 
Most people have not heard of Guayaquil and if not for my best friend Maria, I would still be one of those people. When we think of Ecuador, Galápagos Islands is the go-to spot. Although my best friend is from Guayaquil and the way she talks about her home makes me feel if I do not go I will be missing out severely. And on the plus side when I decide to go I have a home in Guayaquil (Maria's crib).   

Cairo, Egypt
I mean... the Pyramids. Need I say more?

Shanghai, China 
Shanghai is another place that if not for my friends I would not have considered adding to my list. I am lucky enough to know people from Shanghai and they always tell me wonderful stories about their city and when they start talking about the food, I can already see myself there.

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