Cities I Want To Visit (Part 2)

Seoul, South Korea  
I have always had a fascination with South Korea. In my opinion South Koreans are one of the best dressed people I have ever met and when I see Korean street style and pop culture they are a group of very cool individuals. 

Sydney, Australia  
I want need to go to Sydney! Everything seems so pretty over there... I don't know why it just does. I know I'm weird. 

Marrakech, Morocco
I think it is time I visit another african country besides my home. If I do get the chance to visit my fellow african brothers and sisters the first country I would go to is Morocco. From the pictures I have seen and blogs I have read about Morocco the country is extremely colorful. 

Mumbai, India
"Mum bye, I am going to Mumbai" one day I will be able to say those words... cheesy, I know but whatever haha. 

Cape Town, South Africa
Another african country I need to visit. I mean, these are my fellow Africans I should pay them a visit... right? 

Athens, Greece
One of those go-to european spots... so why not?

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