MINE (It's Okay To Be Selfish)

gif via tumblr

First things first, when I say it's okay to be selfish I do not mean forget about others and their feelings completely. Now that is out of the way, What do I mean by being selfish?

Let me rephrase that from selfish to self-full. Personally I have discovered that when I want to make a decision or take a risk the thoughts, "what will people think?" or "Does this seem like me?" run through my mind. I think it is time that we all forget about other people specially when is has to do with one's well-being. 

Don't forget it is your life and at the end of the day you will be the one that has to live with the decisions you make or lack of. To be able to utterly and completely indulged in yourself is a gift. Again, I am not saying to be self obsessed although I am saying take time out to treat yourself. Some "me time" is great to keep your sanity. 

self-full things to do:

Eat a whole pizza by yourselfBinge-watch a show from beginning to endListen to music in complete darknessTake a whole weekend to yourselfNapWrite, Thoughts, Dream, ExperienceCook, Paint your nailsWatch pointless animal videosLaughLook at old pictures, ReminisceGive yourself a facialUnplug from social mediaBake

most importantly own yourself and enjoy being selfish-full