Tampa, Florida | Travel Dairy

I had a wonderful time in Tampa! For such a small city by the coast, it has a lot of offer. I spent most of my time in the University of Tampa area. Thanks to my friends I got the full tour from a "college student perceptive" and I'm glad I got to see the city through their eyes. We did so many things although this post only shows the highlights. Enjoy!

Float like a butterfly sting like a bee!
This spot is a must-go! Out of all the places we went out to eat Oxford Exchange made the biggest impression on me. 
Everything from the service, to the decor and the food was amazing! If you find yourself in Tampa definitely check this place out and try the sweet potato fries!

The girls!
Brunch the next day!
Couples and friends write their names on the bamboo trees. I thought this was adorable!