The Camel Obsession Continues...

Shoes & Beanie ~ Target | Sweater ~ Primark | Jacket ~ Dresslink | Jeans ~ ASOS Tall

First of all I want to give a shout out to my roommate for taking these pictures. It was her first time ever using my camera and she always says she is not the most "artsy" person but I think she did a great job. We were both freezing our butts off but this post was worth it.

Okay this outfit! When I was sent this coat I had my doubts with the sizing because I am very tall and coats tend to be short on me but the length turned out to be great! This season I have been obsessed with shades of cream and camel. This outfit is evident of that but I was not expecting it to be as cold as it was when we stepped out. I would not recommend this coat for temperatures that go in the negatives. Like today was -3°C/27°F so let's just say this coat is not for this weather, it is gorgeous but lightweight. 

How are you guys coping with winter? If you live in a tropical country don't talk to me until May *just kidding or am I?*

*In collaboration with Dress link