Cites I Want To Visit (Part 3)

Mexico City, Mexico
One of my best friends is from Mexico City, so let's just say I know a lot about a city I have never been to. Last year, we planned I would go visit her and see the city from a "not so tourist-y point of view" but the plan fell through. Don't worry Mexico, I'm coming for you... I don't know when but I'm coming!  
Bangkok, Thailand
I have heard a lot about Thailand, some good, some bad but I would love to go and form my own opinion. Just by reading about Thailand I think I would to love it!
Nairobi, Kenya
One thing I regret not doing is visiting other African countries beside my own. Kenya is top on my list of countries I have to see and I would love to start in Nairobi then move around from place to place and explore. 
Milan, Italy
The history, the architecture, the food and it's one of the fashion capitals of the world. Need I say more?
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Brazil is a country with so many ethnicities and cultures that collid to make a unique beautiful blend and I would love to experience that, first hand. What better place to start than Rio de Janeiro?
Kingston, Jamaica
Spending my time under the sun and clear skies. Intensifying my love for dancehall. What else do I need?

Photos via Google.