The Tall Girl Guide #2 | Dresses Over Jeans

I love styling regular pieces in unconventional ways. Since, I am 5’11’’ being creative with my stye is a necessity. My go-to “tall girl trick” is turning dresses into tops. This gorgeous airy dress from Zaful fit me perfectly. I'm also thinking of getting one of their blue striped dresses. I would wear this dress by the pool or on the beach but it was a little too short for an everyday-running-errands-kind-of-look. I am a very active and bubbly person. I can’t stay still for long. Since, this dress is very loose and airy the tiniest gush of wind can easily result in an extremely embarrassing moment. So, I switched this dress to a top thanks to this vintage looking belt also from Zaful. When I ordered this dress, I knew I wanted to style it with a belt. I love how by adding one accessory I was able to create a completely different outfit. This dress also came with straps, which I tucked inside the dress to fully make it an off-shoulder top. 

I hope this post helps my fellow tall girls out there. I know the struggle is real. Sometimes the only solution is to get creative. Let me know what you ladies think of turning your dresses to tops. What other tips and tricks can help a tall girl like me? Check out my pervious Tall Girl Guide here. I’m going to make this a blog series. I have a lot more tricks to share!

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Dress - Zaful c/o (here) | Belt - Zaful c/o (here) | Sunglasses - ZeroUV | Jeans - H&M | Slides - Target

“the only solution is to get creative.”

In collaboration with Zaful