Life Update, It's been a while. Hasn't it?

I haven’t been really good with chatting with you guys. The original concept of a blog was for one to share what is happening in their life. Recently, Marveling Mind has been focused heavily on fashion, which I don’t mind. I love sharing my style but once in a while I want share what is happening with me. So… where should I begin? Well, I’m finishing my last semester of undergrad and the idea of graduating is terrifying. I’m trying to enjoy each day and not worry too much about the future. My friends and family know, I am the kind of person that plans too far ahead and needs to know what the future holds. Although, I am at a point in my life where I can not predict my future. I can only work hard and hope for the best, which is scary. 

Besides my uncontrollable fear of the future, I started my new internship working for my university’s communications office. We are in charge of all news and media related to the university. Which is amazing! The whole communications team is wonderful. Everyone is extremely hardworking but they also know how to have fun. I was nervous before joining the team but they are all so welcoming and l’m loving I do. It is great having a job that each day is different and I enjoy the content I am producing. Aside from work, I am also enjoying my classes. I am in a lot of creative classes. I love having an outlet besides Marveling Mind to pour my creative juices into. I am taking a photojournalism course and a graphic design course. Both courses require a lot of innovative thinking and push me to think outside the box. 

Right now, life is really good. Per usual, I am really missing my family. I haven’t seen my mum seen Christmas, which is tough. We text and video chat everyday. She's my bestie! I’m going to see her this December for my graduation! Which will make it, a whole year since I last saw her but it’s all good. I know she will be reading this. So, I don’t want her to start freaking out, thinking I’m sad (mummy I’m good, stop worrying lol). I can’t wait for my post graduation trip with my mum and brother. We haven’t figured out the exact details. As long as, I get to be with them I’ll be happy. Oh! As for my brother, I’m so proud of him. He has been doing extremely well with school and football. I just read an article about him that was published at his university. Can you believe it?! They are publishing articles about my silly little bro.  Anyways… I think I have caught you guys up with what’s going on with me. If you made it this far, I’m giving you a virtual hug! 

Now, let me know what’s happening with you. How’s life?