Be The CEO They Want You To Marry

Welcome to Marveling Mind 2.0!!! I’ve been messing with the idea of changing my blog layout. Finally bossed up and took the risk. What do you think? When I think of my future and my career, my blog always comes to mind. Eventually, I want to turn Marveling Mind to a creative space for others to contribute and for it to grow into a business. When I read this quote somewhere on Instagram, “Be the CEO they want you to marry,” it really resonated with me. The idea that women can only marry into success pisses me off. Don’t get me wrong, I think marriage is a beautiful thing. It is amazing to find someone that is your partner and your teammate through life’s obstacles. Someone to share unforgettable moments with. Although, I do not respect women that marry for status and wealth. I love seeing women succeed in their fields and in the workplace. That’s why I am making a conscious effort to work tirelessly on my career goals and for me marriage does not equate success. I believe marriage is to spend your life with someone you love, respect and truly care for. To use someone as a means to gain success is disrespectful to them as well as disrespectful to yourself. You should love them for who they are not for what they have.  

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