JORDAN YEAR (Thoughts On Turning 23)

One of the most amazing athletes of all time (besides Lebron James who is also number 23), Michael Jordan had the number 23. That is why turning 23 is dubbed one’s Jordan Year. Today is my 23rd birthday. I am going to dominate my Jordan Year. It is crazy to think I am that old. In my mind, I am still that awkward and confused child growing up in Lagos, Nigeria. Now, I am living in Atlanta with a career I genuinely enjoy and about to move into my first apartment. That’s crazy! If little Feyi can see me now she would be so proud but a little weirded out that I now like wearing heels (I made a promise to myself that I will hate heels forever I thought heels were pointless since I’m already tall… wow I was such the tomboy).

There are so many goals I set for myself. It is surreal when your dreams start becoming a reality. I have some big plans in store and they are so big that it frightens me. I am not going to share them yet. I am the kind of person that prefers to put in the work then let the results speak for itself. Although, I can talk about projects that I have already done and will continue to do. I started a new series on my YouTube channel called 'Career Journals'. I am so overwhelmed with the amount of love my first episode received. I have been Apartment hunting and I found an amazing Two bedroom that is within my budget. I am still going to keep looking because I am always in the mindset that there could be something better.

Another thing, I am very proud of is my relationship with my family and how we are dealing with the loss of my Dad. I am not good with dealing with my negative emotions. When I get mad or sad I distract myself or hide away from others. Thanks to my amazing Mum and Brother I am a lot better at voicing my feelings. I miss my Dad every day and moments when I forget to think about him I get mad at myself. Situations and events that led to my Dad’s death is something I don’t think I will ever be able to publicly talk (or write) about. Although, I am getting better at telling those close to me how I feel. I have an article in my drafts called, “An open letter to my Dad”. I can never bring myself to finish it and the idea of publishing it terrifies me. Dad, I miss you every day and days like this I wish you could be here.

One thing I know for sure is my family has my back, whether it’s my brother forcing me to get out of bed to do something fun or my cousin, Junior cracking the cheesiest jokes to make me feel better or my long Facetime sessions with my mum when I know she should be sleeping (she lives in Nigeria and there is a 6 hour time difference). My twenties have been made a lot more bearable thanks to my amazing family and friends. God, I am so grateful. As I am writing this I am in the Airport on my way to Florida for my first business trip. I could pinch myself. I always wanted a career that I could travel and be creative. I’m glad my new job is giving me that opportunity.

Overall, 22 has been a year of many changes, I graduated, moved back to Atlanta, flew to Nigeria for my Dad’s funeral, got a new job, apartment hunting and so much more. Now, I am ready for my Jordan year. I am ready to dribble this ball called life and make all the shots I take (Did you see what I did there? Basketball references teehee). I am ready for my Jordan year and plan to give it my all and make some amazing memories along the way!