Life Update

It’s been a while since I wrote an old school “what’s happening in my life” kind of post. I mostly write these posts for myself to look back on in the future. This may sounds narcissistic but I go back and read my older blog posts. It is a great way to see where I was in various moments of my life. I see my blog as a diary that is why I can get very possessive about it and hardly have guest writers or posts. Anyways… back to the whole “life update” thing. I am not sure where to start but the most recent news is that I have moved into my own apartment. Yay!!! There are so many random things that I was not aware off that went into getting my own place. I plan to do a YouTube video on it because I feel a lot of these “adult things” need to be taught in school or discussed more frequently. Things like taxes, credit scores, lease agreements, applying for health care and so much other adult things I had to figure out myself. 

My mum is currently in Atlanta with me. She leaves for Nigeria this week and it has been amazing having her around. My brother had surgery due to a football related injury and it has been hard for him but like always he is keeping a positive attitude. It is nice having my mum around to take care of him (even though he prefers doing things himself). My brother and I are both very similar when it comes to asking for help. We do not like being a burden so asking for help is never really our first option. Currently, he has to wear a protective boot for his foot and is using a medical scooter to move around. His amazing girlfriend has also been super supportive and helpful through out the whole process. During his surgery last month we spent most of our time in the waiting room watching Netflix and we watched To All The Boys I've ever Loved. Which was amazing by the way! If you haven’t seen it I highly recommend. 

This blog post doesn’t really have a structure. I am just writing whatever is coming into my head. Oh! I should probably talk about my job. So, that is going really well. I have a big marketing presentation coming up and I am a little nervous about but I know it is going to go well. I also want to film a video about getting a job after college and my overall experience of life after college. I want to be a little more open about how I am dealing with losing my Dad last December. It is weird because I am doing pretty good overall but when my emotions hit they hit hard and in full force. I am not good about talking about my negative feelings, so I am considering going for therapy. Now, that I have health insurance it will be A LOT cheaper but that is something I want to do in the beginning of next year. So, not right now. 

What else do people talk about in life update posts? I guess I could talk about my love life… umm... well…. fineeeee. Here we go. So, in the past I used to shut down any chance of a relationship (which I still kind of do) but now that Atlanta is going to be my home for the foreseeable future I am not closing the door to being in a relationship. I guess that is a good way of putting it? Anyways… I am going to finish this off by giving future Feyi some advice, “Enjoy the present. Don’t let your ambitious nature stop you from being proud of yourself and how far you have come. You are probably thinking there is still so much you want to do but enjoy what you have already done.”