Southern Belle Farm | EXPLORING GEORGIA

This year I made a promise to myself to explore more areas around me. I truly believe to explore and gain new experiences does not require a plane ticket. That’s why I found myself at Southern Belle Farm in McDonough, Georgia. Odera and I took a one and a half hour drive from Atlanta to McDonough. When we arrived we saw two donkeys chilling behind some fences. We were not expecting to see any animals so that was a pleasant surprise. After we parked we walked into the store and found out the ‘U-Pick Peaches’ activity was over for the season due to the lack of peaches on the trees. That was very disappointing for us  and we were not the only people that drove into McDonough for the peaches. Although, that didn’t stop us from heading over to the farm and exploring the grounds. Even though, we could not pick peaches it was amazing to walk around the farm to take in the sights and the sounds. Once, we were done exploring and taking pictures we went back into the shop to buy some of Southern Belle Farm’s famous peach ice cream. It was delightful! I have never had peach ice cream before especially peach ice cream with delicious chunks of frozen peaches mixed in. The serving portions are huge, so I recommend sharing with a friend. Overall, my time at Southern Belle Farm was great even though we didn’t get to pick peaches. We will be back during the Fall for the pumpkin season. Can’t wait!

To find out what we did in more detail watch this vlog: 

  • Location: 1658 Turner Church Rd, McDonough, GA 30252
  • Website: https://www.southernbellefarm.com/
  • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/southernbellefarm/
  • Things To Do: walk around the farm, interact with farm animals, pick fruits such as peaches, grapes, strawberries, pumpkins (depending on the season)
  • Price: $ - $$, I would say everything in the store from the pound cake to the fruits is relatively cheap but this depends on the individual budget. It is free to explore the farm but I recommend buying something from the store to support their business.