Sister's Keeper

It is rare to find career driven women that look out for one another. Times are changing and with the growth of women empowerment, we are changing the way women work together and support one another. 

In my first “grown up” job out of college, I saw first hand two women of color bring each other down in order to make themselves look good. Their personalities clashed (which is understandable). Although I did not understand why they effortlessly spoke negatively about one another to the rest of the team. Since, I was the only other black woman in the office and many years younger than them they would try to use me has an outlet to vent. Eventually, they stopped because I avoided both women although it was very discouraging to see two black women bring each other down. This led to HR getting involved and later on both women were fired. 

During those series of events, I was extremely disappointed because these women should know better then I realize that they did not grow up in my generation. I am not saying my generation is better although things are different. I also felt guilty because I was ashamed to be associated with them because they were reenforcing negative stereotypes of black women in an environment where based on the color of our skin, we could be judged until our work-ethic makes us worthy. I hate that we (black people) have to work hard to remove people’s assumptions of us. That is why I was disappointment by the two women that reenforced the stereotypes used to hold us back.

This is why, when I see women supporting and building on each other it beings me so much joy. I truly believe there is room for all of us. I don’t know who made us think there must only be one but that mentality has got to go. We should thrive to be our Sister’s Keeper. We should support one another in our careers and regular life. If I know a friend/colleague is starting a business, I financially support as well as spread the word. Being your Sister’s Keeper is not always positive. Sometimes you might have to hold them accountable or guide them back to the goals they set for themselves. There are many times, I had to give up my only free day to support a friend and I would do it again and again. I am blessed to have had the upbringing I had because I saw my mum work in a male dominated field and bring other female professionals together. It truly brings me joy when I see other women succeed and I want to do everything in my power to help them do so.

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