3 things Plant Parents (or Future Plant Parents) should know

Hands up if you identify has a plant mum, plant dad or plant parent! 
If so, this post is for you.

1. Each plant varies in needs (amount of water and light)
In the beginning I used to think that every plant needs a bunch of light and water. But believe or not… plants can drown. Too much of anything is never good. There are some plants that do not need a lot of light but personally I haven’t had a plant die due to excess light. Although, I know it can happen. A good tip for caring for your plants is to keep the informational tag each plant comes with (if you bought it from a store). I also do a lot of research on each plant and have some notes in my phone to keep track.
2. It can turn into an obsession… real quick
I love plants. That is a very simple statement but it is bordering on an obsession. I am trying not to over do it because I live in an apartment. There is only so much room before I start stepping over leaves and hitting my foot on plant pots. On the other hand, out of all the obsessions to have this can help your health. Having plants in your home acts has a natural way to cleanse the air around you. One of the first things we learned in biology is plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. I’m not going to turn this into a science lecture but the process is called photosynthesis. Plants use the energy in sunlight (or in my case, bedroom light) to convert CO2 and H2O into sugar and oxygen. This is just a way for me to justify spending money on plants and caring for my plants. Ah-ha! This is also cheaper than buying an air purifier… so there you go! 
3. You can’t save them all
I used to get a little sad when one of my plants die or their leaves are not thriving. Like all living things, plants die too. It’s the circle of life (shout out to my guy, Mufasa. RIP to a real one). Another thing to look out for are bugs. The more plants you collect the more likely bugs are attracted to them (again… the circle of life). Most of these bugs are harmless to humans but are very annoying therefore I advise you buy a plant bug spray. I also advise taking a wet cloth/towel and swiping down the leaves of your plants as well as getting a spray bottle. 

I can write about this for hours so I am going to stop myself. I plan to film a detailed plant care and plant collection video on my Youtube. Let me know if you have any questions or additional tips. Reach out to me on Instagram for a quick response. 

These photos were taken at Citizen Supply in Ponce City Market. If you live in Atlanta or find yourself in the Atlanta area, I highly recommend you check them out. It is a curated space with a section for plants and plant care items as well as clothing. They also have a bar and lounge area, if you want to bring your laptop and do some work. The plants section is my utopia but the whole space has an amazing ambiance!

Location: 675 Ponce de Leon Ave., NEAtlantaGA