How to get brand deals and collaborations as a smaller blogger or influencer?

Create content & be consistent

This is one piece of advice everyone receives. I will be honest and say, it can get annoying hearing this. The thing about growth is most of the time, we do not notice it happening until we take a step back and reflect. Your number one priority should be creating content that brings you joy and you are proud to share. In any area of life, there are always unethical ways to get ahead although you will thank yourself in the future if you gained success in a way that you are not ashamed of.

Join a brand collaboration agency/platform 

There are many agencies that set up brand campaigns for smaller bloggers. I didn’t know about this until one of them reached out to me a while back. Below are some links to various brand collaboration websites. I want to share this with up and coming bloggers/influencers because when I started I wish someone told me about this. Most of my Instagram related brand deals are through platforms like this. Some of these platforms are free and others have a member subscription/fee. I personally only use the free platforms although if that is something that interests you then go ahead and sign up. 


Pitch your work and be prepared for rejection

This part of blogging took me a while to do. I am not the best at “selling myself”. You need to be comfortable in putting yourself out there and being your biggest cheerleader. The best way to reach out to brands is through email. You can find their email addresses by going on their website then go to their about or contact pages. Sometimes you will need to do more research and go on their cooperate website rather than the website they use to sell their products or services. Also, look for people with job titles such as Content Executive, Content Marketing Assistant, Marketing Manger, Brand Partnership Associate, etc. Another way to reach out to brands is through social media (instagram, twitter or facebook). I do not recommend doing this because most brands have different people managing their brand social media and their brand collaborations although they might tell you who to contact after you message them on social media. I also think going through social media is a bit unprofessional although desperate times call for desperate measures.  

Email Collaboration Template/Example:

Hello Ms/Mr *insert name* or *Brand Name* Team,

I hope you are all doing well. I am *insert your name*,  a traveling, fashion and lifestyle blogger based in *insert city or town or country*. I am reaching out today because I love your brand and it would be great to showcase your products to my readers on my blog (*insert link*) and Instagram (*insert link*). I can feature an item in a *explain type of post or how you plan to showcase the item or service*, here's an example: *insert link*If you have any other collaboration ideas or campaigns, please let me know. Looking forward to your response!

More Information 
Blog: *insert link*
YouTube: *insert link*
Instagram: *insert link*

*insert your name*

Reach out to fellow creators and ask questions 

This is a step we all forget to do and it is very easy. Reach out to your peers! Just like when I was in college and if I missed a lecture I always reached out to my fellow classmates. I highly recommend doing this. The most valuable advice I have gained in my life is through those that are going through the same thing. It is good to remember that someone has already gone through something you are currently going through. I for one, love to share what I find with others, so no one gets left behind. Honestly, that is why I started blogging in the first place.
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