I am so happy with the woman I am becoming

I was getting dressed for work on a Monday morning. While I was picking out my outfit I was reflecting on the great weekend I had prior. I had brunch with the girls, got my nails done and rearranged some furniture in my apartment. Once I was dressed and stared at myself in the mirror. I was wearing my best fitting black jeans, a white button up shirt, Zale accessories and block heels. I thought to myself, “Little pre-teen Feyi would be so proud”. I am so happy with the woman I am becoming. I do not put my value in the material things although I am very happy with were I see my career and business going. I feel so blessed with the relationships I have built over the years and I am so in love with myself.

When I was little (and going through my awkward pre-teen stage) I used to hate being tall and lanky, which to some degree formed a small amount of low self-esteem. Now, I love my height and the “forced” confidence it brought. When you stand out, you are forced to be the center of attention. A key part of leading and influence is having people’s attention. Being tall (as well as moving to different countries as a kid) taught me how to carry a conversation and make friends very easily. When I saw my reflection in my button up shirt, black jeans and block heels I smiled. Little Feyi swore she would never wear heels. Now, she causally wears them on a Monday.

Zale Jewelers has a new campaign with the slogan, “I am a diamond”. Diamonds for many years have been symbols to how people signify an important moment like a proposal. We can not quantify how much precious moments are or the series of events that lead you to the person you are meant to be. I believe just like a diamond, our true forms are created under pressure. I am so pleased with the woman I am becoming and this woman would not be the person that she is, if not for life's pressures.
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