I know in many situations having privilege is deemed as a negative. Especially, when the person is unaware of it. I think having privilege is only bad if you choose to ignore it as well as not helping others with the position you have be given. I believe to some extent everyone has privilege depending on the situation. Although, some people have more privileges than others. Living in America, it is common knowledge that in most scenarios race plays a role in how someone is treated. The white majority benefit from this societal norm compared to other minority groups. Like most race related issues in the US, we can trace it back to slavery and colonization but that is not why I bring this up. White privilege is real and unfair to those that do not benefit from it. There are many people that truly believe that their race does not help in life and white privilege does not exist. I disagree. I understand they feel it dismisses their accomplishments and hard work. I do not aim to undermine anyone's efforts. Although, we have to understand that race in America can hinger or benefit an individual. My point is we need to acknowledge the privilege we have and in situations that apply, we use it to help others.
I know in many ways I am privileged. I come from a very supportive and caring family. I am able-bodied. I do not suffer from any life threatening illnesses. I can vote. I also have a college degree. I have a well paying job. I can afford to have my own place. I have a car. The list goes on and on. On the other hand, my Dad passed away a year ago therefore I only have one parent in my life, I am a part of two systematically oppressed minority groups in America being black and a woman, I have student loans. There are many other things (big and small) that I could list but I do not want to dwell on the negative. This same logic can apply to you. There are many ways you may be disadvantaged and others that you have the advantage. It takes a lot of self-reflection to understand where you are at and where you want to be. You can either dwell on what you do not have or work hard despite the cards life has dealt you. The same applies, when you did not gain your success strictly on your own merit. You use the privilege you have to help others and change the status quo. We live in a very unjust world but I beg you to keep pushing and reach beyond the stars. 
Jacket - Thrifted | Shirt - Thrifted | Jeans - ASOS | Boots - Target | Bag - Calvin Klein   

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