Bossy Pants... Boss in Pants.

Bossy Pants… Boss in Pants. 

Either way I’m the boss.  

Today, I want to talk about being outspoken and the repercussions for that. Ever since, I was little I have been inquisitive. I like to know the reason behind people’s decisions or how things work. This got me in trouble a couple a lot of times, especially with my mum. Till this day, I do not like to follow blindly. I need to know why. Keeping this in mind it can be difficult for me to follow instructions when I am not told the reason or the big picture. Eventually, I think my mum understood with me, she needed to explain a little more or simply say, “because I said so”. Once those four words were uttered I knew the conversation was over. As I got older I realized that I had to be selective with my battles. 
Now, I am still (if not more) inquisitive and I can not settle for “thats just how things are”. Maybe that is why I studied journalism in college. I like to get to the bottom of things. When I see something handled incorrectly, I tend to take charge, mainly if it will affect my well-being or those I care about. That’s why I partly hated group projects in school or planning trips with big groups. Having this personality trait means in some situations I can be seen has a “bossy pants” but I do not always feel this is a bad thing. It is only bad when your help was not needed or the situation had nothing to do with you. 
I am an active member of the "mind-your-business committee" therefore I do not intervene in places or situations that do not concern me. I am only a bossy pants when I know if I do not speak up or take over then something horrible will happen. I would rather be seen as a bossy pants than a fool. It’s a bit harsh but it’s the truth. 

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