Gemini. I have never been one to believe in horoscopes or astrology but those who do would probably say, “that is a typical Gemini trait”. Gemini in latin means ‘the twins’, which also happens to be the symbol for this zodiac group. I have always been fascinated with duality or the idea of embodying more than one thing. We are taught to believe that we should fit in one group or one identity. This can be race, culture, nationality and so much more. The world is changing. You can be more than one race. Be from more than one culture. I find beauty in that. I am Nigerian American. In the past, I struggled with the feeling that I am not American enough or Nigerian enough. Then I realized I do not have to choose because I am both. I go into more detail with my cultural and national identity here & here, so I am not going to bore you with the details. 

My overall upbringing and life has put me in the situation where I can never be truly one thing and I love that. I was born June 6th therefore in astrology my birth sign is Gemini. This group is commonly associated with having a dual nature or more than one side to them. Some other traits are Geminis are adaptable, easy-going, outgoing, enthusiastic, social beings, intelligent, indecisive, impulsive, unreliable and nosy. Like most lists, I can find attributes that somewhat relate to me but according to this list, I wouldn’t consider myself a “true” Gemini. 

What is your sign and do to believe in astrology? 

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