Valentine's Day is for all my loved ones

I have never been one to be sad during Valentine’s Day. I have never since the point of putting so much pressure on one single day to show your love to your partner. I love celebrating love and I love the original concept of Valentine’s Day although I think a lot of people put too much pressure (mainly financial pressure) on themselves leading up to February 14. Growing up, I always viewed Valentine’s Day as a day to intentionally vocalize your feelings to your loved ones. As I got older, I noticed we emphasis the love we have for our partners rather than everyone else that we love. I understand that our boyfriends or husbands are extremely important although on the day of love I want to make sure that everyone that I love knows how much they mean to me. 

Recently, I have been surrounded by incredible women that are very supportive and push me to be a better version of myself. Thanks to these women I am a lot more driven in my career, becoming a better communicator and trying things out of my comfort zone. I am very happy with the woman I am becoming and the women that are helping me become her. 

Happy (Early) Valentine’s Day and I hope you let those in your life know how much they mean to you!!!

Left - Odera (@derabear), Middle - Me (@marvelingmind), Right - Morayo (@withmorayo), Photography - Larnell Mays (@larnellm)