The Best Tights You Will Ever Need

These are the best tights I’ve ever tired. A bold statement… I know but it is the truth. When the team at Sheertex reached out, I was very excited because I have heard amazing things about their products. Although, hearing and seeing are two different things. Once, I got my hands on their Opaque Tights, I knew that Sheertex lived up to the hype. I made sure to put their tights to the test and I teamed up with my friends, Odera and Morayo (before the days of social distancing). We spent a full day in our tights and the comfort we felt while hanging out was unmatched. We even went a little crazy with tugging and pulling our tights like we have seen people do online. We didn’t see any rips or tears. We were honestly in disbelief but in the best possible way. 

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