Ways To Stay Motivated When Working From Home


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Wake up but don’t get up

One of the benefits of working from home is the comfort that comes with it. The stress of waking up 2 hours before work to take a shower, get dressed, eat, and sit in traffic is gone. I recommend that you wake up 30 minutes before you start work but stay in bed and relax. Then check your emails and complete urgent tasks while in a relaxed state.


Get dressed and seat at a desk

After I have had breakfast and reply to all my emails I get ready for my day. The habit of getting ready prepares my mind to work. There is something about changing your clothes and sitting down at a desk that simulates a work environment therefore you are more likely to get things done.


Have something to look forward too

I always give myself rewards when completing a task. I get a yummy snack or spend a few minutes during my lunch to call a friend and get some human interaction. I also reward myself with a few minutes checking social media and watching funny videos. The key is to only do so for 10 - 15 minutes then get back to work.


Go outside

This is extremely important. Halfway through your workday it really helps to move around and if possible, go outside. It helps to step away from your desk and get a breather. I personally go for a quick run during my lunch break. When I get back, I shower and eat. I get a pump of energy to tackle the second half of the day.

Take a look at my WFH routine? Watch here: