Hair Follicle Enhancer - Edge Naturale

edge naturale, follicle enhancer.

When it comes to my natural hair, I hardly ever stray away from my current products. The fear of trying something new really gets to me. Although, when I heard about Edge Naturale's hair follicle enhancer I  knew I had to try it out. I needed to share this product with you because I have seen the benefits in my hair growth and I am shocked. 

One of my go-to protective styles are wigs. In the past I used to pull off my wigs without taking time tito remove the wig gel and glue. I know, I know... I can feel your judgement but I didn't know better and to be honest I was lazy. Now, my hairline is feeling the consequences of my actions. Now that I use Edge Naturale's hair follicle enhancer, my hairline is getting back to normal and I am very happy!

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