Dealing with Stress and Feeling Overwhelmed

As I get older I realize being an adult is just putting out one fire after the next. There are a lot of benefits of being an adult although to have the life I want for myself and my loved ones, it will take a lot of work. When there is work there is stress. I am very good at keeping my emotions in check although I tend to keep things to myself. On the outside, I look put together and carefree. Whereas on the inside, everything is on fire and I only have one water bottle to put out the fire. Here are some tips for transforming that water bottle into a powerful firefighter unit.

1. Talk to someone

This is the most obvious way to handle stress but a lot of people (including myself) do not use this approach. My go-to person is my mum and brother. They both have different ways of calming me down. My mum gives me words of encouragement and prayer. My brother is my logical thinker and planner. He helps me come up with real ways to solve the problem. In your case, your person may be a friend or professional such as a therapist. Therapy is very powerful and I have heard some amazing things about this approach to dealing with stress. I have been searching for a therapist (on and off) for over a year and I plan to start before the summer. Maybe we can all get therapists together? Yay!

2. Distraction

This is NOT the best way to overcome stress but it is a way to calm yourself down for a short time. I love to turn off my mind and enter another space. My go-to sources for distractions are tv shows, reading, and podcasts. When it comes to reading, I love audiobooks and storytelling podcasts. I lie down with my headphones, close my eyes and enter another world with someone else being the main character. It is truly amazing not having to think about myself but for a brief moment focus on someone else... even if that person is fictional.

3. Deal with the problem head-on

This is honestly the best way to tackle stress, by figuring out the problem and dealing with it to the best of your abilities. I can promise you it will feel amazing afterward. But the process will be painful and emotionally draining. A lot of my stress comes from the number of things I need to do and the responsibilities I have. This is a necessary evil to accomplish my goals. I recently started asking for help when I know someone is better suited for the task and understanding it's okay to say no and turn down an opportunity. I was feeling overwhelmed because I was doing too much with no enough time. I am still working on finding that work/life balance but that is just a part of growing up. 


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